HCBS Strategies worked with MDoA in implementing its Enhanced Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) grant.

HCBS Strategies worked with MDoA in implementing its Enhanced Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) grant. HCBS Strategies collaborated with MDoA on the successful application in a highly competitive procurement process. The grant allowed MDoA to make substantial enhancements to the Maryland Access Point (MAP) program (Maryland’s version of the ADRC). We provided assistance with tasks including:

  • Administrative start-up and project management
  • Development of an ADRC CQI plan
  • Development of a sustainability plan
  • Expansion of MAP to provide statewide coverage serving all required disability populations.

Administrative FFP

In addition to the above tasks, another core component of these efforts was to develop infrastructure for drawing down Medicaid administrative federal financial participation (FFP) funding for Medicaid LTSS for the MAP program. We helped the MDoA team establish what method they would like to use for time studies for this program, either random moment time study or continuous daily log. We developed online surveys for both of these methods and piloted each with participants at entities throughout Maryland and analyzed the results to determine which method provided the best results for MDoA. This was then translated into a white paper.

Options Counseling Grant Support

In previous efforts, HCBS Strategies assisted MDoA with the development and implementation of a grant from ACL to build Options Counseling Infrastructure in Maryland’s ADRC program.

Key tasks in this effort included:

  • The establishment of infrastructure to facilitate collaboration among the state and local ADRC sites.
  • Background research and presentation of proposed models for options counseling
  • The development of options counseling protocols for the initial intake, support planning, and ongoing case management business operations.
  • The development of staff qualifications, training requirements, and performance indicators.

NH Diversion Modernization Grant

HCBS Strategies assisted MDoA with implementing a NH Diversion grant it received from AoA. HCBS Strategies assisted in a variety of efforts, including the development of targeting criteria in order to identify individuals at high risk of institutional placement and developing reimbursement approaches.

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