Establishing a Valid and Reliable Assessment Tool

The Oregon Office of Developmental Disability Services (ODDS) contracted with HCBS Strategies, Mission Analytics Group, and Barbara Gage of the Post-Acute Care Center for Research (PACCR) to redesign their assessment tool for individuals accessing services for intellectual and developmental disabilities. The primary goal under this effort was to update the current assessment tool to utilize nationally recognized valid and reliable items from tools including CMS’ FASI tool, MnCHOICES, and the Colorado Assessment Tool.

Under this effort, HCBS Strategies performed a comprehensive review of the five current tools used by the State for assessing individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The items within these tools were evaluated for face validity and reliability, and then cross-walked with the FASI, MnCHOICES, and the Colorado Assessment Tool to identify areas were updates were needed. Throughout the effort, FASI item experts were consulted to ensure optimal reliability and validity. Realizing that an overhaul would be required to develop a valid and reliable tool, HCBS Strategies led the effort to design a paper version of the tool that incorporated items from the five current State tools, and coordinated with the State during the automation phase. The Tool was piloted throughout the state in late 2016, and has been implemented statewide.

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